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Job Overview
We are seeking an ideal candidate who is proficient in his work as a carpenter with years of experience. You will be working with a team and under the direct supervision of a project manager and for a rapidly growing company. If you want to be hired as a skilled carpenter in our company then please apply for the job. If you are also interested in growing into a site supervisor / project manager position, we are more than willing to teach and would encourage this career growth. We look forward to hearing from you.



  • Various aspects of renovations including trim work, rough framing, occasional drywall installation, kitchen hook ups, flooring installs, window/doors installations, hardware installations

  • Any experience with painting, tiling, taping would be handy but not mandatory

  • Measuring and accurately cutting materials

  • Read blueprints for layout of walls, windows, doors etc.

  • Light demo cleanup and organization of construction materials

  • Frame, hang board, install FRP, install doors and hardware, build acoustic ceilings, install ceiling tiles
    Skills Required

  • Solid understanding of basic math

  • Ability to read and follow plans/blueprints

  • Measuring and planning

  • Knowledge of building code

  • Ability to lift/carry heavy pieces of material or structures

  • Excellent knowledge of carpentry materials and techniques

  • Good communication skills

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Comply with safety guidelines

  • Good time management and leadership skills

  • A keen eye on details for accuracy

  • Exceptional problem-solving abilities

  • A critical thinker

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