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Welcome! You have arrived at this page because you are embarking on an exciting journey to renovate your home. We would love to help guide you through the process!


At White Elm Design Build, we understand the importance of detailed and precise preparations that produce high quality results, we take pride in our creativity and our attention to detail and bring a skilled approach to project management.


We will work hard to make your vision come to life!

White Elm is a fully licensed and insured construction company that offers guidance and expertise throughout any stage of the building process. We have years of experience collaborating with architects, consultants and subcontractors, and we will assist you throughout the construction process. 


Permits, project management, timeline, scope, budget, implementation, construction? We got you covered!

White Elm is owned by Joel Wilson. Joel has been in private business for over 15-years and has a proven track record of managing with integrity, a commitment to excellence and executing scope of practice with competence. Personally, Joel is a proud father of two and is a founder of a non-for profit charity that operates in Uganda.

From Joel and the team at White Elm, we look forward to learning more about your project and utilizing our knowledge and expertise in making your project come to life!

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